Monday, May 20, 2013

Mr. Crocs

I used to draw monsters, beasts, reptiles, and dinosaurs. They're all so fascinating.

Train Girl

More Thesis Stuff: Expression Sheets

Films from 3rd Year at SVA

Here's the two films I worked on during 3rd year of SVA under Mario's advance animation workshop.

Spring Film

Fall Film

Storyboard from Painting

Advance Comp. class assignment. Not quite finished, but I liked the ideas that I had. We had to make a storyboard from a painting. I came up with a noir-ish scene.

Layout & Design Class Works

Okay this was supposed to be posted last year but somehow I forgot about it haha.
These are Layout class assignments I did during 3rd year.

Monkey to the West: Webcomic Designs

Hey guys, so I had this webcomic for awhile and haven't really mentioned here. It's called "Monkey to the West." I haven't updated since last semester because of thesis and whatnot, but I'm definitely going to continue working on this. Here's some concepts and sketches I did during pre-production stage.